Every generation at Miller Hanson Architects has been inspired by the belief that good design makes a positive difference in the communities we serve. We are energized by a shared sense of purpose and wonder. We find ourselves increasingly tested by the challenges of dwindling natural resources and a quickly warming planet. Our response is to create designs that are sustainable and enduring. This gives meaning to the work we do.

Main Square Montessori School Front Door


The parameters of program, market, budget, and zoning planning are part of every project we do. These factors do not limit our collective imagination. Rather they expand it and challenge us to think outside the box and to find solutions that are innovative, effective, and affordable. The goal is always to make our next project better than our last.


Imaginations shared create collaboration. Working closely with you, guided by your values and aspirations, we will bring to the table ideas that give form to your vision. It’s an ongoing process of continual refinement, resulting in a final design that reflects a thoughtful and thorough process.

Our Focus

For 60 years, multi-family residential design, in all its many forms, has been the primary focus of our practice. We also create extraordinary early childhood learning environments, many of which are designed around the Montessori philosophy of teaching.