Two Miller Hanson Employees In Fargo Office


In July of 2019 Miller Hanson Architects established an office branch in Fargo, North Dakota. Miller Hanson perceived great potential in North Dakota for expansion. Fargo is a rapidly growing metropolis and the development rates have been incredible!

In 2018 alone Fargo gained 3,343 residents and 2019 is on track for more! This is in part due to North Dakota’s booming economy. The unemployment rate is a record 2.3%, lower than the 3.5% national average. A recent article by CNBC listed Fargo as the number one city in the job market in 2020. The claim was based on the growing number of job postings and average number of job openings per job seeker as well as the median wage among other criteria. Local colleges like North Dakota State University, Minnesota State Moorhead and Concordia College are working hard to produce new, work-ready employees to meet this demand.

With all the growth comes the need for multi-family housing, senior living, and mixed-use developments, some of Miller Hanson’s specialties. In a continuation of their mission, Miller Hanson plans to help create innovative, well-designed places for all people to live. Miller Hanson aspires to involve themselves in the community and create a brand that will be well recognized within the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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Author: Hunter Pogatchnik 12/20/19