Innovating Home

Since 1962, every generation of architects at Miller Hanson Architects has been motivated by the belief that through good design we can make a positive difference in the communities we serve, and that we have a responsibility to do so.  This common sense of purpose gives meaning to the work we do.  It is our motivation to create designs that are intelligent, imaginative, sustainable, affordable and enduring.

We view every project as a collaboration.  We remain guided by our clients’ needs and expectations, their culture, value and aspirations.  Decisions will be made collaboratively by the entire design team.  We work together toward the common goals.  We reach a design consensus and measure it against the goals we have set.

Design Partnerships

Miller Hanson’s clients include private and nonprofit developers, local housing authorities, faith-based groups, educators and health care organizations.  Our company is highly respected in the building industry for excellent construction documents, a fair and cooperative approach to problem solving, and follow through.

We have extensive experience bringing together the various stakeholders, preparing exhibits for design presentations, conducting charrettes, and meeting with neighborhood, government finance and regulatory groups to build consensus and achieve a successful outcome.

Miller Hanson - Sunwood Village

Evolving Community Architecture

Rather than be driven by trends, we work at understanding social and cultural shifts that affect design and the development environment. Our architecture designs reflect the evolving needs and social sensibilities that America’s changing lifestyles demand.

While housing is the focus of our practice, we also design extraordinary learning environments, critical to building strong, healthy communities in which people of all ages can thrive. Our landmark projects, like our current work, inform Miller Hanson’s expertise. They fuel our fascination with the varied ways that goals of community building can be realized.

Expansion Into The Great Plains

In July of 2019 Miller Hanson established an office branch in Fargo, North Dakota.  In a continuation to our mission we plan to help create innovative, well-designed places for all people to live.  We plan to involve ourselves in the community and create a brand that will be well recognized within the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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